To my lair!!

Okay, so let me be serious about what's going on here.
So basically, this website is gonna be where I show off different things. Things I'm programming, my GTA mods, etc. Whatever I wanna put up, it'll go up.
Now, mind you, I haven't used HTML in forever, so I'm still re-learning it, but hopefully I can get something up and running in the next few days.
If you wanna get to my GTA mods, they're staying on aap's server, at least for now. Go here to get to them. They are still on aap's server, but they're uploaded here now. Enjoy!

Chances are there won't really be anything on this website for a few weeks, but I do have a page up showing off my GTA mods, and one to show off progress on my game engine.

In any case, stay cool! :yum:
If you wanna get ahold of me, f*ck knows what for, there's no way to do that yet. If you're seeing this, you probably have me on Discord or something.

If you wanna help me keep things going, or help me do things faster, feel free to donate (not required, but appreciated!).